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What happened

On the night of May 25, the united community of Stromboli fought and defended the town and houses from fire. The fire initially started near the place called Timpone, despite the containment attempts carried out during the day, spread over the whole mountain above the village of Stromboli, reaching the houses and causing very serious environmental and property damage. Regardless of the direct responsibilities of the fire, which will be ascertained by the competent, and those deriving from a non-optimal management of the containment of its early stages, the dynamics of the event highlighted the significant structural weaknesses of the entire ecosystem of Stromboli

MAY 25th


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We want to build the premises for a coexistence respectful of the nature of the place, to recover even only partially an identity, a history, a root that has always characterizes the relationship between people and the island. We want to value the effort that living on this island entails and, aware of the natural risks, take care of the territory with interventions that are at the same time useful for the safety, reconstruction and recovery of a forgotten territorial identity.

Who we are

The Scuola in Mezzo al Mare and Attiva Stromboli
Stromboli is an island and a volcano, inhabited by a small heterogeneous community, just over 300 units, whose administrative center is located two islands further south. The combination of volcanic activities expressed in all its forms and the distance from the control room have made it spontaneous to form associations that take care of the small and large problems of social, cultural and environmental transformation of those who live there. In these years of activity, many projects and interventions have been carried out in various areas: from teaching to school infrastructures, from the reclamation and maintenance of public areas to the organization of cultural and musical events. The continuous promotion and development of good practices of conservation and enhancement of the environmental and cultural heritage in this perspective intends to generate knowledge, work and sustainability.

What we want to do

  1. Creation of fireproof strips to protect the built-up area, on a total area of about 2 hectares. In the belt it is planned to regenerate the land by planting and cultivating olive trees, with a conservative restoration of the ancient dry stone walls and defining protection upstream and downstream with prickly pears.
  2. Restoring ancient cisterns and water collections for agricultural use and creating new ones. Water reserves represent a precious active resource for fighting fires.
  3. The first areas of action are the upper parts of S. Bartolomeo and S. Vincenzo for an elevation of about 100 meters, the territory is characterized by the pre-existence of olive trees currently burned and not always recoverable, by a critical location for protection of the inhabited area and from a condition of reachability by small mechanical means to carry out cleaning, replanting, cultivation and maintenance work in a sustainable way


To recover or replant 500 olive trees over a three-year period, the total financial requirement of the project is € 140,000 divided as follows:
Mechanical means 45.000 €
Work and materials > 95,000 €
Funds raised €

How can you help us

Your support with a donation to move from proposals to action and start activities
Attiva Stromboli – BancoPosta IBAN IT32V0760116500001024445924
Scuola in mezzo al mare – UniCredit IBAN IT74Q0200826001000105752245

reason: We grow Stromboli


Safety:A cultivated vegetation belt to protect the built-up area, a well-kept and accessible land ensures a margin of territory necessary to face fires. Environmental /Landscape:Enhance the natural scenery for residents and visitors. Social: Skills development, stimulation of traditional cultivation of food products for self-consumption, training for the next generation of islanders, tourism promotion and, in perspective, a potential local quality production activity.


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